OpenStack Compute API v2 Reference

API v2 and extensions

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This document is intended for software developers interested in developing applications using the OpenStack Compute Application Programming Interface (API).

List of Examples

1.1. JSON request with headers
1.2. XML response with headers
1.3. JSON request with XML query extension for the response
1.4. ID image reference: JSON request
1.5. ID image reference: XML request
1.6. Full image reference: JSON request
1.7. Full image reference: XML request
1.8. Server with self links: JSON
1.9. Server with self links: XML
1.10. Server with alternate link: JSON
1.11. Image with alternate link: XML
1.12. Images collection: XML (first page)
1.13. Images collection: JSON (first page)
1.14. Images collection: XML (second page)
1.15. Images collection: JSON (second page)
1.16. Images collection: XML (last page)
1.17. Images collection: JSON (last page)
1.18. Paginated image metadata: XML
1.19. Paginated image metadata: JSON
1.20. Request with MIME type versioning
1.21. Request with URI versioning
1.22. Multiple choices: XML response
1.23. Multiple choices: JSON response
1.24. Extended server: XML response
1.25. Extended server: JSON response
1.26. Extended action: XML response
1.27. Extended action: JSON response
1.28. Fault: XML response
1.29. Fault: JSON response
1.30. Item Not Found fault: JSON response
1.31. Item Not Found fault: XML response
1.32. Over Limit fault: XML response
1.33. Over Limit fault: JSON response
1.34. Server in error state: XML response
1.35. Server in error state: JSON response
1.36. Image in error state: XML response
1.37. Image in error state: JSON response
1.38. Create server with access IP: XML request
1.39. Create server with access IP: JSON request
1.40. Create server with multiple access IPs: XML request
1.41. Create server with multiple access IPs: JSON request
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