Requesting Detailed Metadata on Public VM Images

We want to see more detailed information on available virtual machine images that the Glance server knows about.

We issue a GET request to to retrieve this list of available public images. The data is returned as a JSON-encoded mapping in the following format:

{'images': [
  {'name': 'Ubuntu 10.04 Plain 5GB',
   'disk_format': 'vhd',
   'container_format': 'ovf',
   'size': '5368709120',
   'checksum': 'c2e5db72bd7fd153f53ede5da5a06de3',
   'location': 'swift://account:key/container/image.tar.gz.0',
   'created_at': '2010-02-03 09:34:01',
   'updated_at': '2010-02-03 09:34:01',
   'deleted_at': '',
   'status': 'active',
   'is_public': true,
   'owner': null,
   'properties': {'distro': 'Ubuntu 10.04 LTS'}},
All images returned from the above `GET` request are public images

All timestamps returned are in UTC

The `updated_at` timestamp is the timestamp when an image's metadata
was last updated, not its image data, as all image data is immutable
once stored in Glance

The `properties` field is a mapping of free-form key/value pairs that
have been saved with the image metadata

The `checksum` field is an MD5 checksum of the image file data

The `is_public` field is a boolean indicating whether the image is
publically available

The `owner` field is a string which may either be null or which will
indicate the owner of the image