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Quantum API Guide (1.0)

Quantum API v1.0

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at

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This document is intended for software developers interested in developing applications using the OpenStack Quantum Layer-2 Networking Service (API).

List of Examples

3.1. Request/Response with Headers: JSON
3.2. Request/Response with Headers: XML
3.3. Request/Response with Extensions: JSON
3.4. Request with URI versioning
3.5. Versions List Request/Response (XML)
3.6. Version List Request/Response: JSON
3.7. Extensions Response: XML
3.8. Extensions Response: JSON
3.9. "Network not found" fault Response (XML)
3.10. "Network not found" fault Response (XML)
4.1. Networks List Request/Response (XML)
4.2. Networks List Request/Response (JSON)
4.3. Networks List Details Request/Response (XML)
4.4. Networks List Details Request/Response (JSON)
4.5. Show Network Request/Response (XML)
4.6. Show Network Request/Response (JSON)
4.7. Show Network Details Request/Response (XML)
4.8. Show Network Details Request/Response (JSON)
4.9. Create Network Request/Response (XML)
4.10. Create Network Request/Response (JSON)
4.11. Update Network Request (XML)
4.12. Update Network Request (JSON)
4.13. Delete Network Request (XML)
4.14. Delete Network Request (JSON)
4.15. Port List Request/Response (XML)
4.16. Port List Request/Response (JSON)
4.17. Port List Details Request/Response (XML)
4.18. Port List Details Request/Response (JSON)
4.19. Show Port Request/Response (XML)
4.20. Show Port Request/Response (JSON)
4.21. Show Port Details Request/Response (XML)
4.22. Show Port Details Request/Response (JSON)
4.23. Create Port Request/Response (XML)
4.24. Create Port Request/Response (JSON)
4.25. Update Port Request (XML)
4.26. Update Port Request (JSON)
4.27. Delete Port Request (XML)
4.28. Delete Port Request (JSON)
4.29. Show Attachment Request/Response (XML)
4.30. Show Attachment Request/Response (JSON)
4.31. Plug Attachment Request (XML)
4.32. Plug Attachment Request (JSON)
4.33. Delete Attachment Request (XML)
4.34. Delete Attachment Request (JSON)