PXE Boot Server Guide: Magic Dust for Network Boot

Boot DevStack from a PXE server to a RAM disk.


The whole point of this exercise is to have a highly portable boot server, so using a small router with a USB port is the desired platform. This guide uses a Buffalo WZR-HP-G300NH as an example, but it is easily generalized for other supported platforms. See openwrt.org for more.


Any recent 'Backfire' build of OpenWRT will work for the boot server project. We build from trunk and have made the images available at http://openwrt.xr7.org/openwrt.

Install the Image

This process follows the OpenWRT doc OEM Install to tftp the new image onto the router. You need a computer to set up the router, we assume it is a recent Linux or OS/X installation.

Configure the Router

Set Up tftpboot

Now return to the RAM disk Guide to kick off your DevStack experience.