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 File format for nova.conf


The Compute service supports a large number of configuration options. These options are specified in the /etc/nova/nova.conf configuration file.

The configuration file is in INI file format, with options specified as key=value pairs, grouped into sections. Almost all configuration options are in the DEFAULT section. For example:



 Types of configuration options

Each configuration option has an associated type that indicates which values can be set. The supported option types are:


Boolean option. Value must be either true or false . Example:


String option. Value is an arbitrary string. Example:


Integer option. Value must be an integer. Example:


String option. Same as StrOpt, except that it can be declared multiple times to indicate multiple values. Example:

List option. Value is a list of arbitrary strings separated by commas. Example:


Floating-point option. Value must be a floating-point number. Example:


Do not specify quotes around Nova options.


Configuration options are grouped by section. The Compute configuration file supports the following sections.


Contains most configuration options. If the documentation for a configuration option does not specify its section, assume that it appears in this section.


Use options in this section to configure cells functionality. For details, see the Cells section (../config-reference/content/section_compute-cells.html) in the OpenStack Configuration Reference.


Use options in this section to configure the baremetal hypervisor driver.


Use options in this section to configure the nova-conductor service.


Use options in this section to configure the trusted computing pools functionality and how to connect to a remote attestation service.

 Variable substitution

The configuration file supports variable substitution. After you set a configuration option, it can be referenced in later configuration values when you precede it with $. This example defines my_ip and then uses $my_ip as a variable:


If you need a value to contain the $ symbol, escape it with $$. For example, if your LDAP DNS password was $xkj432, specify it, as follows:


The Compute code uses the Python string.Template.safe_substitute() method to implement variable substitution. For more details on how variable substitution is resolved, see and


To include whitespace in a configuration value, use a quoted string. For example:

ldap_dns_passsword='a password with spaces'

 Define an alternate location for nova.conf

All nova-* services and the nova-manage command-line client load the configuration file. To define an alternate location for the configuration file, pass the --config-file /path/to/nova.conf parameter when you start a nova-* service or call a nova-manage command.

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