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OpenStack Installation Guide for Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CentOS, and Fedora


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The OpenStack® system consists of several key projects that you install separately but that work together depending on your cloud needs. These projects include Compute, Identity Service, Networking, Image Service, Block Storage, Object Storage, Telemetry, Orchestration, and Database. You can install any of these projects separately and configure them stand-alone or as connected entities. This guide shows you how to install OpenStack by using packages available through Fedora 20 as well as on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and its derivatives through the EPEL repository. Explanations of configuration options and sample configuration files are included.


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1. Architecture
Conceptual architecture
Example architectures
2. Basic environment configuration
Before you begin
Network Time Protocol (NTP)
OpenStack packages
Messaging server
3. Configure the Identity Service
Identity Service concepts
Install the Identity Service
Define users, tenants, and roles
Define services and API endpoints
Verify the Identity Service installation
4. Install and configure the OpenStack clients
Install the OpenStack command-line clients
Set environment variables using the OpenStack RC file
Create files
5. Configure the Image Service
Image Service overview
Install the Image Service
Verify the Image Service installation
6. Configure Compute services
Compute service
Install Compute controller services
Configure a compute node
7. Add a networking service
OpenStack Networking (neutron)
Legacy networking (nova-network)
Next steps
8. Add the dashboard
System requirements
Install the dashboard
Next steps
9. Add the Block Storage service
Block Storage
Configure a Block Storage service controller
Configure a Block Storage service node
Verify the Block Storage installation
Next steps
10. Add Object Storage
Object Storage service
System requirements for Object Storage
Plan networking for Object Storage
Example of Object Storage installation architecture
Install Object Storage
Install and configure storage nodes
Install and configure the proxy node
Start services on the storage nodes
Verify the installation
Add another proxy server
Next steps
11. Add the Orchestration service
Orchestration service overview
Install the Orchestration service
Verify the Orchestration service installation
Next steps
12. Add the Telemetry module
Install the Telemetry module
Install the Compute agent for Telemetry
Configure the Image Service for Telemetry
Add the Block Storage service agent for Telemetry
Configure the Object Storage service for Telemetry
Verify the Telemetry installation
Next steps
13. Add the Database service
Database service overview
Install the Database service
Verify the Database service installation
14. Launch an instance
Launch an instance with OpenStack Networking (neutron)
Launch an instance with legacy networking (nova-network)
A. Reserved user IDs
B. Community support
OpenStack mailing lists
The OpenStack wiki
The Launchpad Bugs area
The OpenStack IRC channel
Documentation feedback
OpenStack distribution packages
Questions? Discuss on
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