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 Manage bare-metal nodes

The bare-metal driver for OpenStack Compute manages provisioning of physical hardware by using common cloud APIs and tools such as Orchestration (Heat). The use case for this driver is for single tenant clouds such as a high-performance computing cluster or for deploying OpenStack itself.

If you use the bare-metal driver, you must create a network interface and add it to a bare-metal node. Then, you can launch an instance from a bare-metal image.


Development efforts are focused on moving the driver out of the Compute code base in the Icehouse release.

You can list and delete bare-metal nodes. When you delete a node, any associated network interfaces are removed. You can list and remove network interfaces that are associated with a bare-metal node.


The following commands can be used to manage bare-metal nodes.

  • baremetal-interface-add. Adds a network interface to a bare-metal node.

  • baremetal-interface-list. Lists network interfaces associated with a bare-metal node.

  • baremetal-interface-remove. Removes a network interface from a bare-metal node.

  • baremetal-node-create. Creates a bare-metal node.

  • baremetal-node-delete. Removes a bare-metal node and any associated interfaces.

  • baremetal-node-list. Lists available bare-metal nodes.

  • baremetal-node-show. Shows information about a bare-metal node.

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