Resource Quota Management

The amount of resources(e.g. alarms) that could be created by each OpenStack project is controlled by quota. The default resource quota for each project is set in Aodh config file as follows unless changed by the cloud administrator via Quota API.

user_alarm_quota = -1
project_alarm_quota = -1
alarm_max_actions = -1

The default alarm quota for an openstack user, default is unlimited. Sometimes the alarm creation request satisfies the project quota but fails the user quota.


The default alarm quota for an openstack project, default is unlimited. The cloud administrator can change project quota using Quota API, see examples below.


The maximum number of alarm actions could be created per alarm, default is unlimited.

Quota API

Aodh Quota API is aiming for multi-tenancy support. By default, only the admin user is able to change the resource quota for projects as defined by the default policy rule ‘telemetry:update_quotas’. User alarm quota and alarm action quota are not supported in Quota API.

An HTTP request example using httpie command:

cat <<EOF | http post v2/quotas X-Auth-Token:$token
  "project_id": "8aecc55977714e898281c24260747d78",
  "quotas": [
      "resource": "alarms",
      "limit": 30