The aodh.notifier.zaqar Module

The aodh.notifier.zaqar Module

Zaqar alarm notifier.

class aodh.notifier.zaqar.TrustZaqarAlarmNotifier(conf)[source]

Bases:, aodh.notifier.zaqar.ZaqarAlarmNotifier

Zaqar notifier using a Keystone trust to post to user-defined queues.

The URL must be in the form trust+zaqar://?queue_name=example.

notify_zaqar(action, message, headers)[source]
class aodh.notifier.zaqar.ZaqarAlarmNotifier(conf)[source]

Bases: aodh.notifier.AlarmNotifier

Zaqar notifier.

This notifier posts alarm notifications either to a Zaqar subscription or to an existing Zaqar queue with a pre-signed URL.

To create a new subscription in the service project, use a notification URL of the form:


Multiple subscribers are allowed. ttl is the time to live of the subscription. The queue will be created automatically, in the service project, with a name based on the topic and the alarm ID.

To use a pre-signed URL for an existing queue, use a notification URL with the scheme zaqar:// and the pre-signing data from Zaqar in the query string:

notify(action, alarm_id, alarm_name, severity, previous, current, reason, reason_data, headers=None)[source]
notify_zaqar(action, message, headers=None)[source]
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