The Module

The Module

Simple logging storage backend.

class, url)[source]


Log the data.

static clear()[source]
static clear_expired_alarm_history_data(alarm_history_ttl)[source]

Clear expired alarm history data from the backend storage system.

Clearing occurs according to the time-to-live.

Parameters:alarm_history_ttl – Number of seconds to keep alarm history records for.
static create_alarm(alarm)[source]

Create alarm.

static delete_alarm(alarm_id)[source]

Delete an alarm and its history data.

static get_alarms(name=None, user=None, state=None, meter=None, project=None, enabled=None, alarm_id=None, alarm_type=None, severity=None, exclude=None, pagination=None)[source]

Yields a lists of alarms that match filters.

static update_alarm(alarm)[source]

Update alarm.

static upgrade()[source]
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