Flavor Extra Specs and Image Properties

Flavor extra specs and image properties are used to control certain aspects or scheduling behavior for a server.

The flavor of a server can be changed during a resize operation.

The image of a server can be changed during a rebuild operation.

By default, flavor extra specs are controlled by administrators of the cloud. If users are authorized to upload their own images to the image service, they may be able to specify their own image property requirements.

There are many cases of flavor extra specs and image properties that are for the same functionality. In many cases the image property takes precedence over the flavor extra spec if both are used in the same server.

Flavor Extra Specs

Refer to the user guide for a list of official extra specs.

While there are standard extra specs, deployments can define their own extra specs to be used with host aggregates and custom scheduler filters as necessary. See the reference guide for more details.

Image Properties

Refer to the image service documentation for a list of official image properties and metadata definition concepts.

Unlike flavor extra specs, image properties are standardized in the compute service and thus they must be registered within the compute service before they can be used.