Running Barbican on DevStack

Barbican is currently available via the plugin interface within DevStack.

This installation guide assumes you are running devstack within a clean virtual machine (local or cloud instance) using one of the supported Linux distributions with all available system package updates.

  1. Make sure you are logged in as the “stack” user with sudo privileges

  2. Install git

    # Debian/Ubuntu
    sudo apt-get install git
    # CentOS
    sudo dnf install git
  3. Clone DevStack

    git clone
    cd devstack/
  4. Add the Barbican plugin to the local.conf file and verify the minimum services required are included. You can pull down a specific branch by appending the name to the end of the git URL. If you leave the space empty like below, then origin/master will be pulled.

    enable_plugin barbican
    enable_service rabbit mysql key tempest

    If this is your first time and you do not have a local.conf file, there is a working sample file in the Barbican repository. Copy the file and place it in the devstack/ directory.

  5. Start DevStack

  6. Clone and install barbican-tempest-plugin

    cd /opt/stack/
    git clone
    pip install -e /opt/stack/barbican-tempest-plugin