Welcome to Barbican’s developer documentation!

Barbican is the OpenStack Key Manager service. It provides secure storage, provisioning and management of secret data. This includes keying material such as Symmetric Keys, Asymmetric Keys, Certificates and raw binary data.

Barbican for Users

If you’re trying to learn how to use barbican, you can start by reading about Secrets in the Barbican API Guide.

Once you’re comfortable working with secrets you can dig into the rest of the API.

Barbican for Developers

If you’re new to OpenStack development you should start by reading the OpenStack Developer’s Guide.

Once you’ve read the OpenStack guide you’ll be ready to set up a local barbican development environment.

When you’re ready to dive deeper in to barbican take a look at:

Barbican for Operators

If you’re looking for information for deploying and configuring barbican you will probably want to read:

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