The ceilometer.agent Module

The ceilometer.agent Module

exception ceilometer.agent.ConfigException(cfg_type, message, cfg)[source]

Bases: exceptions.Exception

class ceilometer.agent.ConfigManagerBase(conf)[source]

Bases: object

Base class for managing configuration file refresh


Returns hash of changed cfg else False.


Return hash of configuration file


Return modification time of cfg file

load_config(cfg_file, fallback_cfg_prefix='pipeline/data/')[source]

Load a configuration file and set its refresh values.

class ceilometer.agent.Source(cfg)[source]

Bases: object

Represents a generic source

check_source_filtering(data, d_type)[source]

Source data rules checking

  • At least one meaningful datapoint exist
  • Included type and excluded type can’t co-exist on the same pipeline
  • Included type meter and wildcard can’t co-exist at same pipeline
static is_supported(dataset, data_name)[source]
exception ceilometer.agent.SourceException(message, cfg)[source]

Bases: exceptions.Exception

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