The ceilometer.hardware.pollsters.generic Module

The ceilometer.hardware.pollsters.generic Module

class ceilometer.hardware.pollsters.generic.GenericHardwareDeclarativePollster(conf)[source]

Bases: ceilometer.polling.plugin_base.PollsterBase

CACHE_KEY = 'hardware.generic'
classmethod build_pollsters(conf)[source]

Return a list of tuple (name, pollster).

The name is the meter name which the pollster would return, the pollster is a pollster object instance. The pollster which implements this method should be registered in the namespace of instead of

generate_samples(host_url, data)[source]

Generate a list of Sample from the data returned by inspector

  • host_url – host url of the endpoint
  • data – list of data returned by the corresponding inspector
get_samples(manager, cache, resources=None)[source]

Return an iterable of Sample instances from polling the resources.

  • manager – The service manager invoking the plugin
  • cache – A dictionary for passing data between plugins
  • resources – end point to poll data from
mapping = None
class ceilometer.hardware.pollsters.generic.MeterDefinition(definition_cfg)[source]

Bases: object

required_fields = ['name', 'unit', 'type']
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