The ceilometer.ipmi.pollsters.sensor Module

The ceilometer.ipmi.pollsters.sensor Module

class ceilometer.ipmi.pollsters.sensor.CurrentSensorPollster(conf)[source]

Bases: ceilometer.ipmi.pollsters.sensor.SensorPollster

METRIC = 'Current'
class ceilometer.ipmi.pollsters.sensor.FanSensorPollster(conf)[source]

Bases: ceilometer.ipmi.pollsters.sensor.SensorPollster

METRIC = 'Fan'
exception ceilometer.ipmi.pollsters.sensor.InvalidSensorData[source]

Bases: exceptions.ValueError

class ceilometer.ipmi.pollsters.sensor.SensorPollster(conf)[source]

Bases: ceilometer.polling.plugin_base.PollsterBase

get_samples(manager, cache, resources)[source]

Return a sequence of Counter instances from polling the resources.

  • manager – The service manager class invoking the plugin.
  • cache – A dictionary to allow pollsters to pass data between themselves when recomputing it would be expensive (e.g., asking another service for a list of objects).
  • resources – A list of resources the pollster will get data from. It’s up to the specific pollster to decide how to use it. It is usually supplied by a discovery, see default_discovery for more information.

Setup required environment for pollster.

Each subclass could overwrite it for specific usage. Any exception raised in this function would prevent pollster being loaded.

class ceilometer.ipmi.pollsters.sensor.TemperatureSensorPollster(conf)[source]

Bases: ceilometer.ipmi.pollsters.sensor.SensorPollster

METRIC = 'Temperature'
class ceilometer.ipmi.pollsters.sensor.VoltageSensorPollster(conf)[source]

Bases: ceilometer.ipmi.pollsters.sensor.SensorPollster

METRIC = 'Voltage'
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