The ceilometer.polling.discovery.tenant Module

The ceilometer.polling.discovery.tenant Module

class ceilometer.polling.discovery.tenant.TenantDiscovery(conf)[source]

Bases: ceilometer.polling.plugin_base.DiscoveryBase

Discovery that supplies keystone tenants.

This discovery should be used when the pollster’s work can’t be divided into smaller pieces than per-tenants. Example of this is the Swift pollster, which polls account details and does so per-project.

discover(manager, param=None)[source]

Discover resources to monitor.

The most fine-grained discovery should be preferred, so the work is the most evenly distributed among multiple agents (if they exist).

For example: if the pollster can separately poll individual resources, it should have its own discovery implementation to discover those resources. If it can only poll per-tenant, then the TenantDiscovery should be used. If even that is not possible, use EndpointDiscovery (see their respective docstrings).

  • manager – The service manager class invoking the plugin.
  • param – an optional parameter to guide the discovery
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