The ceilometer.publisher.utils Module

The ceilometer.publisher.utils Module

Utils for publishers

ceilometer.publisher.utils.compute_signature(message, secret)[source]

Return the signature for a message dictionary.


Decode the unicode of the message, and encode it into utf-8.

ceilometer.publisher.utils.message_from_event(event, secret)[source]

Make an event message ready to be published or stored.

Returns a serialized model of Event containing an event message

ceilometer.publisher.utils.meter_message_from_counter(sample, secret)[source]

Make a metering message ready to be published or stored.

Returns a dictionary containing a metering message for a notification message and a Sample instance.

ceilometer.publisher.utils.recursive_keypairs(d, separator=':')[source]

Generator that produces sequence of keypairs for nested dictionaries.

ceilometer.publisher.utils.verify_signature(message, secret)[source]

Check the signature in the message.

Message is verified against the value computed from the rest of the contents.

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