The ceilometer.sample Module

The ceilometer.sample Module

Sample class for holding data about a metering event.

A Sample doesn’t really do anything, but we need a way to ensure that all of the appropriate fields have been filled in by the plugins that create them.

class ceilometer.sample.Sample(name, type, unit, volume, user_id, project_id, resource_id, timestamp=None, resource_metadata=None, source=None, id=None, monotonic_time=None)[source]

Bases: object

SOURCE_DEFAULT = 'openstack'
classmethod from_notification(name, type, volume, unit, user_id, project_id, resource_id, message, timestamp=None, metadata=None, source=None)[source]
ceilometer.sample.add_reserved_user_metadata(conf, src_metadata, dest_metadata)[source]
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