21.10 (Draft version in progress)

Summary of changes

  • New charm features
  • New tech-preview charms
  • Informational notices
  • Deprecation notices
  • Removed features


The 21.10 OpenStack Charms release includes updates for the charms described on the Charms page. As of this release, the project consists of <NUMBER-OF-STABLE-CHARMS> supported (stable) charms.

For the list of bugs resolved in this release refer to the 21.10 milestone in Launchpad.

For scheduling information of past and future releases see the Release schedule.

General charm information is published in the OpenStack Charm Guide (this guide) which ultimately supersedes Release Notes contents.


Always upgrade to the latest stable charms before making any major changes to your cloud and before filing bug reports. Refer to section Upgrading charms below for details.

New charm features

With each new feature, there is a corresponding example bundle in the form of a test bundle, and/or a section in the OpenStack Charms Deployment Guide, that details its usage. Test bundles are located in the src/tests/bundles directory of the relevant charm repository (see all charm repositories).

glance charm: external S3 compatible storage support

The glance charm has acquired some new configuration options:

  • s3-store-host

  • s3-store-access-key

  • s3-store-secret-key

  • s3-store-bucket

These options are used to set an external S3 compatible storage backend for Glance. S3 support in the charm is enabled only for Ussuri and later releases.

nova-compute charm: number of hosted VMs

The nova-compute charm has a new action: instance-count.

This action returns the number of VMs hosted on a nova-compute unit, whether they be running, suspended, or stopped.

New stable charms


New tech-preview charms


Preview charm features


Documentation updates


Informational notices


Deprecation notices

Barbican SoftHSM2 Plugin

The barbican-softhsm test charm is now deprecated and will have no further releases. Support has ended for it. Please use barbican-vault instead.

Tempest charm

The tempest test charm is now deprecated and will have no further releases. Support has ended for it. Please use the tempest Python package instead.

Removed features


Removed charms


Issues discovered during this release cycle


Upgrading charms

Upgrading charms will making available new features and bug fixes. However, the latest stable charm revision should also be used prior to making any topological changes, application migrations, workload upgrades, or series upgrades. Bug reports should also be filed against the most recent revision.

Note that charm upgrades and OpenStack upgrades are functionally different. For instructions on performing the different upgrade types see Upgrades overview in the OpenStack Charms Deployment Guide.