Various issues

This page documents various issues (software limitations/bugs) that may apply to a Charmed OpenStack cloud. These are still-valid issues that have arisen during the development cycles of past OpenStack Charms releases. The most recently discovered issues are documented in the Release notes of the latest version of the OpenStack Charms.


It is recommended to read the Issues, charm procedures, and OpenStack upgrade notes page before continuing.

Neutron ML2 OVS plugin on DVR mode

Environments configured to use the ML2 OVS plugin in DVR mode and have configured an external network of type flat will be affected by bug LP #2015090. The symptom of an affected system is that newly launched instances won’t have access to the Metadata service and the neutron-dhcp-agent service log will contain the following error:

2023-03-31 19:35:06.095 58625 ERROR neutron.agent.dhcp.agent return self._name[:constants.DEVICE_NAME_MAX_LEN]
2023-03-31 19:35:06.095 58625 ERROR neutron.agent.dhcp.agent TypeError: 'bool' object is not subscriptable

glance-simplestreams-sync: endpoint change

The ceph-radosgw charm improves how URLs are processed by the RADOS Gateway. This change however will lead to breakage for an existing product-streams endpoint, set up by the glance-simplestreams-sync application. Manual intervention is required - see the Upgrade issues page for more information.

Nova fails to parse new libvirt mediated device name format

The name format of mediated devices in libvirt was recently changed from mdev_<uuid> to mdev_<uuid>_<parent>. For users of the new tech-preview nova-compute-nvidia-vgpu charm, this will cause new Nova instances to enter into an error state subsequent to a vGPU device being attached to an instance. This is being tracked in issue LP #1951656. A fix will soon be available as an SRU.

glance-simplestreams-sync: Juju resources support and snap install

The glance-simplestreams-sync charm has gained support for Juju resources. Since Simplestreams is now installed via a snap, offline environments can benefit by being able to supply the snap as a resource.

Lack of FQDN for containers on physical MAAS nodes may affect running services

When Juju deploys to a LXD container on a physical MAAS node, the container is not informed of its FQDN. The services running in the container will therefore be unable to determine the FQDN on initial deploy and on reboot.

Adverse effects are service dependent. This issue is tracked in bug LP #1896630 in an OVN and Octavia context. Several workarounds are documented in the bug.

Adding Glance storage backends

When a storage backend is added to Glance a service restart may be necessary in order for the new backend to be registered. This issue is tracked in bug LP #1914819.

OVN and SR-IOV: servicing external DHCP and metadata requests

When instances are deployed with SR-IOV networking in an OVN deployment a change of configuration may be required to retain servicing of DHCP and metadata requests.

If your deployment has SR-IOV instances, make sure that at least one of the OVN chassis named applications has the prefer-chassis-as-gw configuration option set to ‘true’.

The root of the issue is in how Neutron handles scheduling of gateway chassis for L3 routers and external services differently, and is tracked in bug LP #1946456.

Ceph RBD Mirror and Ceph Octopus

Due to an unresolved permission issue the ceph-rbd-mirror charm will stay in a blocked state after configuring mirroring for pools when connected to a Ceph Octopus cluster. See bug LP #1879749 for details.