The 19.07 OpenStack Charm release includes updates for the following charms. Additional charm support status information is published in the main charm guide which ultimately supersedes release note contents.

Always use the latest stable charm revision before proceeding with topological changes, application migrations, workload upgrades, series upgrades, or bug reports.

Supported Charms

  • aodh

  • barbican

  • barbican-vault

  • ceilometer

  • ceilometer-agent

  • ceph-mon

  • ceph-osd

  • ceph-proxy

  • ceph-radosgw

  • ceph-rbd-mirror

  • cinder

  • cinder-ceph

  • designate

  • designate-bind

  • glance

  • gnocchi

  • hacluster

  • heat

  • keystone

  • keystone-ldap

  • lxd

  • neutron-api

  • neutron-openvswitch

  • neutron-gateway

  • neutron-dynamic-routing

  • nova-cloud-controller

  • nova-compute

  • octavia

  • octavia-diskimage-retrofit

  • openstack-dashboard

  • percona-cluster

  • rabbitmq-server

  • swift-proxy

  • swift-storage

  • vault

Preview Charms

  • barbican-softhsm

  • ceph-fs

  • cinder-backup

  • keystone-saml-mellon

  • manila

  • manila-generic

  • masakari

  • masakari-monitors

  • pacemaker-remote

  • tempest

Removed Charms

The following charms have been removed as part of this charm release:

  • nova-lxd

New Charm Features

With each new feature, there is a corresponding example bundle in the form of a test bundle, and/or a charm deployment guide section which details the use of the feature. For example test bundles, see the src/tests/bundles/ directory within the relevant charm repository.

Percona Cluster Cold Start

The percona-cluster charm now contains new logic and actions to assist with operational tasks surrounding an unexpected database cluster shutdown. Human interaction is still required to recover the cluster.

For more information about the introduced improvements refer to the “Cold Boot” section in the charm documentation.


The neutron-openvswitch charm now supports deployment of DVR based routers with combined SNAT functionality, removing the need to use the neutron-gateway charm in some types of deployment.

This implicitly requires that ‘external’ networks are routable to all hypervisors within the deployment to allow effective load balancing of SNAT routers and DVR services across a deployment.

For more details refer to the documentation of the use-dvr-snat configuration option of the neutron-openvswitch charm

Octavia Image Lifecycle Management

This release introduces the octavia-diskimage-retrofit charm which provides a tool for retro-fitting cloud images for use as Octavia Amphora.

For more information about the octavia-diskimage-retrofit charm refer to the charm home page and the charm deployment guide.

Nova Live Migration: Streamline SSH Host Key Handling

The Nova compute service uses direct (machine-to-machine) SSH connections to perform instance migrations. Each compute host must therefore be in possession of every other compute host’s SSH host key via the knownhosts file.

This release of the nova-cloud-controller charm has improved the host key discovery and distribution algorithm, the net effect being that the addition of a nova-compute unit will be faster than before and the nova-cloud-controller upgrade-charm hook will be significantly improved for large deployments.

For more information about the cache-known-hosts option refer to the charm-config-cache-known-hosts section of the nova-cloud-controller charm README.

Preview Charm Features

Vault-Keystone Cross-Model Relations

The vault and keystone charms now support use of the identity-service and vault-kv interface types when using cross model relations.

Upgrading charms

Always use the latest stable charm revision before proceeding with topological changes, charm application migrations, workload upgrades, series upgrades, or bug reports.

Please ensure that the keystone charm is upgraded first.

To upgrade an existing deployment to the latest charm version simply use the ‘upgrade-charm’ command, for example:

juju upgrade-charm keystone

Charm upgrades and OpenStack upgrades are two distinctly different things. Charm upgrades ensure that the deployment is using the latest charm revision, containing the latest charm fixes and charm features available for a given deployment.

Charm upgrades do not cause OpenStack versions to upgrade, however OpenStack upgrades do require the latest Charm version as pre-requisite.

Upgrading OpenStack

Before upgrading OpenStack, all OpenStack Charms should be running the latest stable charm revision.


Upgrading an OpenStack cloud is not without risk; upgrades should be tested in pre-production testing environments prior to production deployment upgrades.

See the charm deployment guide for more details.

Series Upgrade Issues

Bug: #1839021: hacluster charm “Resource; res_ks_haproxy not running”

For an HA deployment, when performing a Trusty to Xenial upgrade, it’s possible, if the keystone unit takes a long time to reboot and restart its service, that keystone’s hacluster crm monitor may exhaust its retries and show a blocked state with the status message Resource: res_ks_haproxy not running.

In this case, running the following against the affected hacluster unit should resolve the issue once the associated keystone unit has completed its upgrade:

juju run --unit <unit> sudo crm resource refresh

where <unit> is (say) keystone/0.

Deprecation Notices

Nova LXD Charm

Accordant with the retirement of the nova compute driver for lxd, the nova-lxd charm has been deprecated with this release. Git repos and branches, as well as charm store historical revisions remain in place for community efforts and existing users. The OpenStack Charms team will no longer focus on backports or bug fixes to the nova lxd driver or the corresponding charm.

Removed Features

Percona-Cluster Charm Trusty Support

The Percona-Cluster Charm has dropped support for Trusty. This, and future releases of the Percona-Cluster Charm will no longer support Trusty. The git branches and charm store revisions remain in place for those who need to remain on Trusty for this database charm.

The main driver for this decision was the lack of a Python 3.4 mysqldb module on 14.04. With the widespread upstream and distro Python3-only efforts well underway, the Percona-Cluster charm now supports (and requires) a Python3-only runtime.

Known Issues

Masakari and Masakari Monitors

Both Masakari charms remain as previews. Bugs 1728527 and 1839715 are both in progress and need to land for a successful Instance HA deployment.

Octavia Load Balancer in conjunction with DVR

There are currently a few outstanding upstream issues with connecting a Octavia loadbalancer to the outside world through a Floating IP when used in conjunction with Neutron DVR. As such, use of Octavia with DVR is not currently recommended.

Although there are some fixes provided in the referenced material, the current implementation still show issues and appears to limit how we can model a DVR deployment.

An approach to work around this is to create a separate non-distributed network for hosting the load balancer VIP and connecting it to a FIP.

The payload- and loadbalancer- instances can stay in a distributed network, only the VIP must be in a non-distributed network. (although the actual hosting of said router can be on a compute host acting as a “centralized” snat router in a DVR deployment.)

For more information refer to the following pages:

Designate and Vault at Ocata and earlier

The Designate charm at Ocata and earlier OpenStack releases does not yet support SSL via Vault and the certificates relation.

Current versions of OpenStack with Vault and the certificates relation are supported by the Designate charm.

Bugs Fixed

This release includes 48 bug fixes.

For the full list of bugs resolved for the 19.07 charms release please refer to Launchpad.

Next Release Info

Please see the charm guide for current information.