2024.1 (Caracal) (Draft version in progress)

The 2024.1 OpenStack Charms release includes updates for the charms described on the Supported charms page. As of this release, the project consists of <NUMBER-OF-STABLE-CHARMS> stable charms.

For the list of bugs resolved in this release refer to the 2024.1 milestone in Launchpad.

For scheduling information of past and future releases see the Release schedule.


Release notes contents is superseded by updated information published in the Release notes (this guide) after the release of any given OpenStack Charms version.


Always upgrade to the latest stable charms before making any major changes to your cloud and before filing bug reports. Note that charm upgrades and OpenStack upgrades are functionally different. For instructions on performing the different upgrade types see the Upgrades overview page.

New stable charms


New stable charm features

With each new feature, there is a corresponding example bundle in the form of a test bundle, and/or a section in the current guide (Charm Guide) that details its usage. Test bundles are located in the src/tests/bundles directory of the relevant charm repository (see all charm repositories).

manila charm: add support to configure scheduler default filters

The manila charm has a new configuration option scheduler-default-filters. This configures the scheduler_default_filters parameter in manila configuration file.

This is unset by default, so manila retains the default value for scheduler_default_filters. Those might change based on OpenStack release.

For more details see bug LP #1998200.

cinder charm: add support for Keystone audit middleware API logging

The cinder charm has a new configuration option audit-middleware. This option enables or disables Keystone audit middleware functionality that allows the user to audit API requests and configure their environment for CADF compliance (see keystone_audit_middleware). These audit events are written to /var/log/apache2/cinder_error.log.

This option is disabled by default to prevent log file bloat.

For more details see bug LP #1856555.

Documentation updates


New tech-preview charms


New tech-preview charm features


Informational notices


Deprecation notices


Removed features


Removed charms


Issues discovered during this release cycle


Changes backported to this release

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