OpenStack Charm Guide

The OpenStack Charm Guide is the primary source of documentation for the OpenStack Charms project. The project oversees the collection of Charmed Operators, also called simply “charms”, used to deploy and manage OpenStack clouds using MAAS and Juju.


This guide supports Juju version 2.9.x. Some breaking changes are introduced by Juju 3.x through the renaming of a few commands (see the Juju 3.0 release notes).

Each of the OpenStack charms is responsible for the deployment and lifecycle management of a single cloud service (e.g. the nova-compute charm for the Nova Compute service). The project also includes charms for select non-OpenStack supporting software, such as Ceph, MySQL, and RabbitMQ.

Deploying and managing an OpenStack cloud is acknowledged among IT professionals to be a challenging endeavour. The charms reduce the complexity traditionally imposed upon cloud administrators by doing the heavy lifting.

The OpenStack Charms project is designed to meet the needs of cloud administrators of varying skill levels. It is appropriate for public, regional, and private clouds, and can satisfy a wide range of use cases: from small development environments through to large enterprise-grade solutions.

Getting started

Learn how to deploy an OpenStack cloud using Charmed Operators.

How-to guides

Read step-by-step guides detailing how to work with OpenStack Charmed Operators, including key tasks for successful deployment and operations.


Dive deep into the concepts of how OpenStack services are set up and managed using Charmed Operators.

Release notes

View the release notes for all versions of OpenStack Charms, including the one currently in development.

Project and community

Follow the OpenStack Charms project. This is where you will find information such as the definitive list of OpenStack charms, support notes, and how the charm delivery system works.

This project abides by the OpenInfra Foundation community code of conduct.