Dell PowerStore NFS Driver

PowerStore NFS driver enables storing Block Storage service volumes on a PowerStore storage back end.

Supported operations

  • Create, delete, attach and detach volumes.

  • Create, delete volume snapshots.

  • Create a volume from a snapshot.

  • Copy an image to a volume.

  • Copy a volume to an image.

  • Clone a volume.

  • Extend a volume.

  • Get volume statistics.

  • Attach a volume to multiple servers simultaneously (multiattach).

  • Revert a volume to a snapshot.

Driver configuration

Add the following content into /etc/cinder/cinder.conf:

enabled_backends = powerstore-nfs

volume_driver = cinder.volume.drivers.dell_emc.powerstore.nfs.PowerStoreNFSDriver
nfs_qcow2_volumes = True
nfs_snapshot_support = True
nfs_sparsed_volumes = False
nas_host = <Ip>
nas_share_path = /nfs-export
nas_secure_file_operations = False
nas_secure_file_permissions = False
volume_backend_name = powerstore-nfs

Dell PowerStore NFS Copy Offload API

A feature for effective creation of a volume from snapshot/volume was added in PowerStore NFS Driver. The dellfcopy utility provides the ability to copy a file very quickly on a Dell SDNAS filesystem mounted by a client. To download it, contact your local Dell representative.

The dellfcopy tool is used in the following operations:

  • Create a volume from a snapshot.

  • Clone a volume.

To use PowerStore NFS driver with this feature, you must install the tool with the following command:

# sudo dpkg -i ./dellfcopy_1.3-1_amd64.deb