Inspur AS13000 series volume driver

Inspur AS13000 series volume driver provides OpenStack Compute instances with access to Inspur AS13000 series storage system.

Inspur AS13000 storage can be used with iSCSI connection.

This documentation explains how to configure and connect the block storage nodes to Inspur AS13000 series storage.

Driver options

The following table contains the configuration options supported by the Inspur AS13000 iSCSI driver.

Description of Inspur AS13000 configuration options

Configuration option = Default value


as13000_ipsan_pools = [Pool0]

(List of String) The Storage Pools Cinder should use, a comma separated list.

as13000_meta_pool = None

(String) The pool which is used as a meta pool when creating a volume, and it should be a replication pool at present. If not set, the driver will choose a replication pool from the value of as13000_ipsan_pools.

as13000_token_available_time = 3300

(Integer(min=600, max=3600)) The effective time of token validity in seconds.

Supported operations

  • Create, list, delete, attach (map), and detach (unmap) volumes.

  • Create, list and delete volume snapshots.

  • Create a volume from a snapshot.

  • Copy an image to a volume.

  • Copy a volume to an image.

  • Clone a volume.

  • Extend a volume.

Configure Inspur AS13000 iSCSI backend

This section details the steps required to configure the Inspur AS13000 storage cinder driver.

  1. In the cinder.conf configuration file under the [DEFAULT] section, set the enabled_backends parameter.

    enabled_backends = AS13000-1
  2. Add a backend group section for backend group specified in the enabled_backends parameter.

  3. In the newly created backend group section, set the following configuration options:

    # The driver path
    volume_driver = cinder.volume.drivers.inspur.as13000.as13000_driver.AS13000Driver
    # Management IP of Inspur AS13000 storage array
    san_ip =
    # The Rest API port
    san_api_port = 8088
    # Management username of Inspur AS13000 storage array
    san_login = root
    # Management password of Inspur AS13000 storage array
    san_password = passw0rd
    # The Pool used to allocated volumes
    as13000_ipsan_pools = Pool0
    # The Meta Pool to use, should be a replication Pool
    as13000_meta_pool = Pool_Rep
    # Backend name
    volume_backend_name = AS13000
  4. Save the changes to the /etc/cinder/cinder.conf file and restart the cinder-volume service.