KIOXIA Kumoscale NVMeOF Driver

KIOXIA Kumoscale volume driver provides OpenStack Compute instances with access to KIOXIA Kumoscale NVMeOF storage systems.

This documentation explains how to configure Cinder for use with the KIOXIA Kumoscale storage backend system.

Driver options

The following table contains the configuration options supported by the KIOXIA Kumoscale NVMeOF driver.

Description of KIOXIA Kumoscale configuration options

Configuration option = Default value


kioxia_block_size = 4096

(Integer) Volume block size in bytes - 512 or 4096 (Default).

kioxia_cafile = None

(String) Cert for provisioner REST API SSL

kioxia_desired_bw_per_gb = 0

(Integer) Desired bandwidth in B/s per GB.

kioxia_desired_iops_per_gb = 0

(Integer) Desired IOPS/GB.

kioxia_max_bw_per_gb = 0

(Integer) Upper limit for bandwidth in B/s per GB.

kioxia_max_iops_per_gb = 0

(Integer) Upper limit for IOPS/GB.

kioxia_max_replica_down_time = 0

(Integer) Replicated volume max downtime for replica in minutes.

kioxia_num_replicas = 1

(Integer) Number of volume replicas.

kioxia_provisioning_type = THICK

(String(choices=[‘THICK’, ‘THIN’])) Thin or thick volume, Default thick.

kioxia_same_rack_allowed = False

(Boolean) Can more than one replica be allocated to same rack.

kioxia_snap_reserved_space_percentage = 0

(Integer) Percentage of the parent volume to be used for log.

kioxia_snap_vol_reserved_space_percentage = 0

(Integer) Writable snapshot percentage of parent volume used for log.

kioxia_snap_vol_span_allowed = True

(Boolean) Allow span in snapshot volume - Default True.

kioxia_span_allowed = True

(Boolean) Allow span - Default True.

kioxia_token = None

(String) KumoScale Provisioner auth token.

kioxia_url = None

(String) KumoScale provisioner REST API URL

kioxia_vol_reserved_space_percentage = 0

(Integer) Thin volume reserved capacity allocation percentage.

kioxia_writable = False

(Boolean) Volumes from snapshot writeable or not.

Supported operations

  • Create, list, delete, attach and detach volumes

  • Create, list and delete volume snapshots

  • Create a volume from a snapshot

  • Copy an image to a volume.

  • Copy a volume to an image.

  • Create volume from snapshot

  • Clone a volume

  • Extend a volume

Configure KIOXIA Kumoscale NVMeOF backend

This section details the steps required to configure the KIOXIA Kumoscale storage cinder driver.

  1. In the cinder.conf configuration file under the [DEFAULT] section, set the enabled_backends parameter.

    enabled_backends = kumoscale-1
  2. Add a backend group section for the backend group specified in the enabled_backends parameter.

  3. In the newly created backend group section, set the following configuration options:

    # Backend name
    # The driver path
    # Kumoscale provisioner URL
    # Kumoscale provisioner cert file
    # Kumoscale provisioner token