Virtuozzo Storage driver

The Virtuozzo Storage driver is a fault-tolerant distributed storage system that is optimized for virtualization workloads. Set the following in your cinder.conf file, and use the following options to configure it.

volume_driver = cinder.volume.drivers.vzstorage.VZStorageDriver
Description of Virtuozzo Storage configuration options

Configuration option = Default value


vzstorage_default_volume_format = raw

(String) Default format that will be used when creating volumes if no volume format is specified.

vzstorage_mount_options = None

(List of String) Mount options passed to the vzstorage client. See section of the pstorage-mount man page for details.

vzstorage_mount_point_base = $state_path/mnt

(String) Base dir containing mount points for vzstorage shares.

vzstorage_shares_config = /etc/cinder/vzstorage_shares

(String) File with the list of available vzstorage shares.

vzstorage_sparsed_volumes = True

(Boolean) Create volumes as sparsed files which take no space rather than regular files when using raw format, in which case volume creation takes lot of time.

vzstorage_used_ratio = 0.95

(Float) Percent of ACTUAL usage of the underlying volume before no new volumes can be allocated to the volume destination.