Manage quotas

To prevent system capacities from being exhausted without notification, you can set up quotas. Quotas are operational limits. For example, the number of gigabytes allowed for each project can be controlled so that cloud resources are optimized. Quotas can be enforced at both the project and the project-user level.

Using the command-line interface, you can manage quotas for the OpenStack Compute service, the OpenStack Block Storage service, and the OpenStack Networking service.

The cloud operator typically changes default values because a project requires more than ten volumes or 1 TB on a compute node.


To view all projects, run:

$ openstack project list
| ID                               | Name     |
| e66d97ac1b704897853412fc8450f7b9 | admin    |
| bf4a37b885fe46bd86e999e50adad1d3 | services |
| 21bd1c7c95234fd28f589b60903606fa | tenant01 |
| f599c5cd1cba4125ae3d7caed08e288c | tenant02 |

To display all current users for a project, run:

$ openstack user list --project PROJECT_NAME
| ID                               | Name   |
| ea30aa434ab24a139b0e85125ec8a217 | demo00 |
| 4f8113c1d838467cad0c2f337b3dfded | demo01 |

Use openstack quota show PROJECT_NAME to list all quotas for a project.

Use openstack quota set PROJECT_NAME --parameters to set quota values.