Fungible Storage Driver

Fungible Storage volume driver provides OpenStack Compute instances with access to Fungible Storage Cluster.

This documentation explains how to configure Cinder for use with the Fungible Storage Cluster.

Driver requirements

  • Fungible Storage Cluster

  • FSC version >= 4.0

  • nvme cli version >= v1.13

  • The Block Storage Node should also have a data path to the Fungible Storage Cluster for the following operations:

    • Copy volume to image

    • Copy image to volume

Driver options

The following table contains the configuration options supported by the Fungible Storage driver.

Description of Fungible Storage Cluster configuration options

Configuration option = Default value


api_enable_ssl = True

(Boolean) Specify whether to use SSL or not when accessing the composer APIs

fsc_clone_volume_timeout = 1800

(Integer) Create clone volume timeout in seconds

iops_for_image_migration = 250000

(Integer) Maximum read IOPS that volume can get when reading data from the volume during host assisted migration

nvme_connect_port = 4420

(Port(min=0, max=65535)) The port number to be used when doing nvme connect from host

Supported operations

  • Create, list, delete, attach and detach volumes

  • Create, list and delete volume snapshots

  • Copy image to volume

  • Copy volume to image

  • Create volume from snapshot

  • Clone volume

  • Extend volume

Configure Fungible Storage Cluster backend

This section details the steps required to configure the Fungible Storage cinder driver.

  1. In the cinder.conf configuration file under the [DEFAULT] section, set the enabled_backends parameter.

    enabled_backends = fungible
  2. Add a backend group section for the backend group specified in the enabled_backends parameter.

  3. In the newly created backend group section, set the following configuration options:

    # Backend name
    # The driver path
    # Fungible composer details
    san_ip = <composer node VIP>
    san_login = <composer username>
    san_password = <composer password>
    # List below are optional
    nvme_connect_port = <nvme target endpoint port>
    api_enable_ssl = True/False
    iops_for_image_migration = <IOPS value>