Running Cinder API under Apache


Copy the file etc/cinder/api-httpd.conf to the appropriate location for your Apache server, most likely:


Update this file to match your system configuration (for example, some distributions put httpd logs in the apache2 directory and some in the httpd directory). Create the directory /var/www/cgi-bin/cinder/. You can either hard or soft link the file cinder/wsgi/ to be osapi_volume under the /var/www/cgi-bin/cinder/ directory. For a distribution appropriate place, it should probably be copied to:


Cinder’s primary configuration file (etc/cinder.conf) and the PasteDeploy configuration file (etc/cinder-paste.ini) must be readable to httpd in one of the default locations described in Configuring Cinder.

Access Control

If you are running with Linux kernel security module enabled (for example SELinux or AppArmor), make sure that the configuration file has the appropriate context to access the linked file.