cinder.backup.rpcapi module

Client side of the volume backup RPC API.

class BackupAPI


Client side of the volume rpc API.

API version history:

1.0 - Initial version.
1.1 - Changed methods to accept backup objects instead of IDs.
1.2 - A version that got in by mistake (without breaking anything).
1.3 - Dummy version bump to mark start of having cinder-backup service
      decoupled from cinder-volume.

... Mitaka supports messaging 1.3. Any changes to existing methods in
1.x after this point should be done so that they can handle version cap
set to 1.3.

2.0 - Remove 1.x compatibility
2.1 - Adds set_log_levels and get_log_levels
2.2 - Adds publish_service_capabilities
2.3 - Adds continue_backup call
2.4 - Add the volume_is_new flag to the restore_backup method
BINARY = 'cinder-backup'
TOPIC = 'cinder-backup'
check_support_to_force_delete(ctxt, host) bool
continue_backup(ctxt, backup, backup_device)
create_backup(ctxt, backup)
delete_backup(ctxt, backup)
export_record(ctxt, backup) dict
get_log_levels(context, service, log_request)
import_record(ctxt, host, backup, backup_service, backup_url, backup_hosts) None
reset_status(ctxt, backup, status)
restore_backup(ctxt, backup_host, backup, volume_id, volume_is_new)
set_log_levels(context, service, log_request)