cinder.objects.qos_specs module

class QualityOfServiceSpecs(*args, **kwargs)

Bases: CinderPersistentObject, CinderObject, CinderObjectDictCompat, CinderComparableObject

OPTIONAL_FIELDS = ('volume_types',)
VERSION = '1.0'
property consumer
property created_at
property deleted
property deleted_at

Deletes the QoS spec.


force – when force is True, all volume_type mappings for this QoS are deleted. When force is False and volume_type mappings still exist, a QoSSpecsInUse exception is thrown

fields = {'consumer': QoSConsumerValues(default=back-end,nullable=False,valid_values=('back-end', 'front-end', 'both')), 'created_at': DateTime(default=<class 'oslo_versionedobjects.fields.UnspecifiedDefault'>,nullable=True), 'deleted': Boolean(default=False,nullable=True), 'deleted_at': DateTime(default=<class 'oslo_versionedobjects.fields.UnspecifiedDefault'>,nullable=True), 'id': UUID(default=<class 'oslo_versionedobjects.fields.UnspecifiedDefault'>,nullable=False), 'name': String(default=<class 'oslo_versionedobjects.fields.UnspecifiedDefault'>,nullable=False), 'specs': Dict(default=<class 'oslo_versionedobjects.fields.UnspecifiedDefault'>,nullable=True), 'updated_at': DateTime(default=<class 'oslo_versionedobjects.fields.UnspecifiedDefault'>,nullable=True), 'volume_types': Object(default=<class 'oslo_versionedobjects.fields.UnspecifiedDefault'>,nullable=True)}
property id

alias of QualityOfServiceSpecs

property name

Returns a dict of changed fields and their new values.


Load an additional attribute from the real object.

This should load self.$attrname and cache any data that might be useful for future load operations.

obj_reset_changes(fields=None, recursive=False)

Reset the list of fields that have been changed.

  • fields – List of fields to reset, or “all” if None.

  • recursive – Call obj_reset_changes(recursive=True) on any sub-objects within the list of fields being reset.

This is NOT “revert to previous values”.

Specifying fields on recursive resets will only be honored at the top level. Everything below the top will reset all.


Returns a set of fields that have been modified.


Save the changed fields back to the store.

This is optional for subclasses, but is presented here in the base class for consistency among those that do.

property specs
property updated_at
property volume_types
class QualityOfServiceSpecsList(*args, **kwargs)

Bases: ObjectListBase, CinderObject

VERSION = '1.0'
fields = {'objects': List(default=<class 'oslo_versionedobjects.fields.UnspecifiedDefault'>,nullable=False)}
classmethod get_all(context, *args, **kwargs)
property objects