cinder.scheduler.rpcapi module

Client side of the scheduler manager RPC API.

class SchedulerAPI


Client side of the scheduler RPC API.

API version history:

1.0 - Initial version.
1.1 - Add create_volume() method
1.2 - Add request_spec, filter_properties arguments to
1.3 - Add migrate_volume_to_host() method
1.4 - Add retype method
1.5 - Add manage_existing method
1.6 - Add create_consistencygroup method
1.7 - Add get_active_pools method
1.8 - Add sending object over RPC in create_consistencygroup method
1.9 - Adds support for sending objects over RPC in create_volume()
1.10 - Adds support for sending objects over RPC in retype()
1.11 - Adds support for sending objects over RPC in

... Mitaka supports messaging 1.11. Any changes to existing methods in
1.x after this point should be done so that they can handle version cap
set to 1.11.

2.0 - Remove 1.x compatibility
2.1 - Adds support for sending objects over RPC in manage_existing()
2.2 - Sends request_spec as object in create_volume()
2.3 - Add create_group method

... Newton supports messaging 2.3. Any changes to existing methods in
2.x after this point should be done so that they can handle version cap
set to 2.3.

3.0 - Remove 2.x compatibility
3.1 - Adds notify_service_capabilities()
3.2 - Adds extend_volume()
3.3 - Add cluster support to migrate_volume, and to
      update_service_capabilities and send the timestamp from the
3.4 - Adds work_cleanup and do_cleanup methods.
3.5 - Make notify_service_capabilities support A/A
3.6 - Removed create_consistencygroup method
3.7 - Adds set_log_levels and get_log_levels
3.8 - Addds ``valid_host_capacity`` method
3.9 - Adds create_snapshot method
3.10 - Adds backup_id to create_volume method.
3.11 - Adds manage_existing_snapshot method.
3.12 - Adds create_backup method.
BINARY = 'cinder-scheduler'
TOPIC = 'cinder-scheduler'
create_backup(ctxt, backup)
create_group(ctxt, group, group_spec=None, request_spec_list=None, group_filter_properties=None, filter_properties_list=None)
create_snapshot(ctxt, volume, snapshot, backend, request_spec=None, filter_properties=None)
create_volume(ctxt, volume, snapshot_id=None, image_id=None, request_spec=None, filter_properties=None, backup_id=None)
do_cleanup(ctxt, cleanup_request)

Perform this scheduler’s resource cleanup as per cleanup_request.

extend_volume(ctxt, volume, new_size, reservations, request_spec, filter_properties=None)
get_log_levels(context, service, log_request)
get_pools(ctxt, filters=None)
manage_existing(ctxt, volume, request_spec=None, filter_properties=None)
manage_existing_snapshot(ctxt, volume, snapshot, ref, request_spec=None, filter_properties=None)
migrate_volume(ctxt, volume, backend, force_copy=False, request_spec=None, filter_properties=None)
notify_service_capabilities(ctxt, service_name, backend, capabilities, timestamp=None)
static prepare_timestamp(timestamp)
retype(ctxt, volume, request_spec=None, filter_properties=None)
set_log_levels(context, service, log_request)
update_service_capabilities(ctxt, service_name, host, capabilities, cluster_name, timestamp=None)
validate_host_capacity(ctxt, backend, request_spec, filter_properties=None)
work_cleanup(ctxt, cleanup_request)

Generate individual service cleanup requests from user request.