cinder.volume.qos_specs module

The QoS Specs Implementation

associate_qos_with_type(context, specs_id, type_id)

Associate qos_specs with volume type.

Associate target qos specs with specific volume type.

  • specs_id – qos specs ID to associate with

  • type_id – volume type ID to associate with

create(context, name, specs=None)

Creates qos_specs.


specs – Dictionary that contains specifications for QoS

Expected format of the input parameter:

   'consumer': 'front-end',
   'total_iops_sec': 1000,
   'total_bytes_sec': 1024000
delete(context, qos_specs_id, force=False)

Marks qos specs as deleted.

‘force’ parameter is a flag to determine whether should destroy should continue when there were entities associated with the qos specs. force=True indicates caller would like to mark qos specs as deleted even if there was entities associate with target qos specs. Trying to delete a qos specs still associated with entities will cause QoSSpecsInUse exception if force=False (default).

delete_keys(context, qos_specs_id, keys)

Marks specified key of target qos specs as deleted.

disassociate_all(context, specs_id)

Disassociate qos_specs from all entities.

disassociate_qos_specs(context, specs_id, type_id)

Disassociate qos_specs from volume type.

get_all_specs(context, filters=None, marker=None, limit=None, offset=None, sort_keys=None, sort_dirs=None)

Get all non-deleted qos specs.

get_associations(context, qos_specs_id)

Get all associations of given qos specs.

get_qos_specs(ctxt, spec_id)

Retrieves single qos specs by id.

update(context, qos_specs_id, specs)

Update qos specs.



dictionary that contains key/value pairs for updating

existing specs.

e.g. {‘consumer’: ‘front-end’,

’total_iops_sec’: 500, ‘total_bytes_sec’: 512000,}