Cinder Installation Guide

The Block Storage service (cinder) provides block storage devices to guest instances. The method in which the storage is provisioned and consumed is determined by the Block Storage driver, or drivers in the case of a multi-backend configuration. There are a variety of drivers that are available: NAS/SAN, NFS, iSCSI, Ceph, and more.

The Block Storage API and scheduler services typically run on the controller nodes. Depending upon the drivers used, the volume service can run on controller nodes, compute nodes, or standalone storage nodes.

For more information, see the Configuration Reference.


This documentation specifically covers the installation of the Cinder Block Storage service. Before following this guide you will need to prepare your OpenStack environment using the instructions in the OpenStack Installation Guide.

Once able to ‘Launch an instance’ in your OpenStack environment follow the instructions below to add Cinder to the base environment.

Adding Cinder to your OpenStack Environment

The following links describe how to install the Cinder Block Storage Service:


For security reasons Service Tokens must be configured in OpenStack for Cinder to operate securely. Pay close attention to the specific section describing it:. See for details.