The Module

The Module

Implementation of a backup service using Google Cloud Storage(GCS)

Google Cloud Storage json apis are used for backup operations. Authentication and authorization are based on OAuth2.0. Server-centric flow is used for authentication.

class GoogleBackupDriver(context, db=None)

Bases: cinder.backup.chunkeddriver.ChunkedBackupDriver

Provides backup, restore and delete of backup objects within GCS.

delete_object(*args, **kwargs)
get_container_entries(*args, **kwargs)
get_extra_metadata(backup, volume)

GCS driver does not use any extra metadata.

get_object_reader(bucket, object_name, extra_metadata=None)

Return reader object.

Returns a reader object that retrieves a chunk of backed-up volume data from a GCS object store.

get_object_writer(bucket, object_name, extra_metadata=None)

Return a writer object.

Returns a writer object that stores a chunk of volume data in a GCS object store.

put_container(*args, **kwargs)
update_container_name(backup, bucket)

Use the bucket name as provided - don’t update.

class GoogleMediaIoBaseDownload(*args, **kwargs)

Bases: googleapiclient.http.MediaIoBaseDownload

next_chunk(*args, **kwargs)
class GoogleObjectReader(bucket, object_name, conn, reader_chunk_size, num_retries)

Bases: object

read(*args, **kwargs)
class GoogleObjectWriter(bucket, object_name, conn, writer_chunk_size, num_retries, resumable)

Bases: object

close(*args, **kwargs)
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