The cinder.compute.nova Module

The cinder.compute.nova Module

Handles all requests to Nova.

class API(db_driver=None)

Bases: cinder.db.base.Base

API for interacting with novaclient.

create_volume_snapshot(context, volume_id, create_info)
delete_volume_snapshot(context, snapshot_id, delete_info)
extend_volume(context, server_ids, volume_id)
get_server(context, server_id, privileged_user=False, timeout=None)
has_extension(context, extension, timeout=None)
update_server_volume(context, server_id, src_volid, new_volume_id)
novaclient(context, privileged_user=False, timeout=None, api_version=None)

Returns a Nova client

@param privileged_user:
If True, use the account from configuration (requires ‘auth_type’ and the other usual Keystone authentication options to be set in the [nova] section)
@param timeout:
Number of seconds to wait for an answer before raising a Timeout exception (None to disable)
@param api_version:
api version of nova
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