The cinder.policy Module

The cinder.policy Module

Policy Engine For Cinder

check_is_admin(roles, context=None)

Whether or not user is admin according to policy setting.

enforce(context, action, target)

Verifies that the action is valid on the target in this context.

  • context – cinder context
  • action – string representing the action to be checked this should be colon separated for clarity. i.e. compute:create_instance, compute:attach_volume, volume:attach_volume
  • object – dictionary representing the object of the action for object creation this should be a dictionary representing the location of the object e.g. {'project_id': context.project_id}

PolicyNotAuthorized – if verification fails.

enforce_action(context, action)

Checks that the action can be done by the given context.

Applies a check to ensure the context’s project_id and user_id can be applied to the given action using the policy enforcement api.

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