The cinder.volume.drivers.coprhd.helpers.virtualpool Module

The cinder.volume.drivers.coprhd.helpers.virtualpool Module

class VirtualPool(ipaddr, port)

Bases: cinder.volume.drivers.coprhd.helpers.commoncoprhdapi.CoprHDResource

URI_VPOOL = '/{0}/vpools'
URI_VPOOL_SHOW = '/{0}/vpools/{1}'
vpool_query(name, vpooltype)

Makes REST API call to query the vpool by name and type.

This function will take the VPOOL name and type of VPOOL as input and get uri of the first occurrence of given VPOOL.

  • name – Name of the VPOOL
  • vpooltype – Type of the VPOOL {‘block’}

uri of the given vpool

vpool_show_uri(vpooltype, uri)

Makes REST API call and retrieves vpool details based on UUID.

This function will take uri as input and returns with all parameters of VPOOL like label, urn and type.

:param vpooltype : Type of virtual pool {‘block’} :param uri : unique resource identifier of the vpool :returns: object containing all the details of vpool

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