The cinder.volume.drivers.dell_emc.vnx.replication Module

The cinder.volume.drivers.dell_emc.vnx.replication Module

class ReplicationAdapter(client=None, config=None)

Bases: object

add_volumes_to_group_replication(group, volumes)
build_mirror_view(configuration, failover=True)

Builds a mirror view operation class.

  • configuration – driver configuration
  • failover – True if from primary to configured array, False if from configured array to primary.
disable_replication(context, group, volumes)

Disable the group replication.

Note: This will not disable the replication on individual LUNs.

enable_replication(context, group, volumes)

Enable the group replication.

Note: this will not interfere with the replication on individual LUNs.

failover_host(context, volumes, secondary_backend_id, groups)

Fails over the volume back and forth.

Driver needs to update following info for failed-over volume: 1. provider_location: update serial number and lun id 2. replication_status: new status for replication-enabled volume

failover_replication(context, group, volumes, secondary_backend_id)

“Fail-over the consistent mirror group.

VNX supports fail over all the mirrors in a group as a whole, no need to handle each mirror one by one.
get_replication_error_status(context, groups)

The failover only happens manually, no need to update the status.

remove_volumes_from_group_replication(group, volumes)
setup_lun_replication(volume, primary_lun_id)

Setup replication for LUN, this only happens in primary system.

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