The Module

The Module

Cinder Volume driver for Fujitsu ETERNUS DX S3 series.

class FJDXCommon(prtcl, configuration=None)

Bases: object

Common code that does not depend on protocol.

VERSION = '1.3.0'
build_fc_init_tgt_map(connector, target_wwn=None)

Build parameter for Zone Manager


Check Attached Volume in Same FC Zone or not

create_cloned_volume(volume, src_vref)

Create clone of the specified volume.

create_snapshot(*args, **kwargs)

Create snapshot using SnapOPC.


Create volume on ETERNUS.

create_volume_from_snapshot(volume, snapshot)

Creates a volume from a snapshot.


Delete snapshot.


Delete volume on ETERNUS.

extend_volume(*args, **kwargs)

Extend volume on ETERNUS.

initialize_connection(volume, connector)

Allow connection to connector and return connection info.

stats = {'driver_version': '1.3.0', 'total_capacity_gb': 0, 'QoS_support': False, 'reserved_percentage': 0, 'vendor_name': 'FUJITSU', 'volume_backend_name': None, 'storage_protocol': None, 'free_capacity_gb': 0}
terminate_connection(volume, connector, force=False, **kwargs)

Disallow connection from connector.

update_volume_stats(*args, **kwargs)

get pool capacity.

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