The Module

The Module

Hitachi Unified Storage (HUS-HNAS) platform. Backend operations.

class HNASSSHBackend(backend_opts)

Bases: object

check_snapshot_parent(volume_path, snap_name, fs_label)

Check if a volume is the snapshot source

  • volume_path – path of the volume
  • snap_name – name of the snapshot
  • fs_label – filesystem label

True if the volume is the snapshot’s source or False otherwise

file_clone(fs_label, src, name)

Clones NFS files to a new one named ‘name’.

Clone primitive used to support all NFS snapshot/cloning functions.

  • fs_label – file system label of the new file
  • src – source file
  • name – target path of the new created file
get_cloned_file_relatives(file_path, fs_label, raise_except=False)

Gets the files related to a clone

  • file_path – path of the cloned file
  • fs_label – filesystem of the cloned file
  • raise_except – If True exception will be raised for files that aren’t clones. If False, only an error message is logged.

list with names of the related files


Gets the EVS ID for the named filesystem.

Parameters:fs_label – The filesystem label related to the EVS required
Returns:EVS ID of the filesystem

Gets the IP addresses of all EVSs in HNAS.

Returns:dictionary with EVS information
    <IP1>: {evs_number: number identifying the EVS1 on HNAS},
    <IP2>: {evs_number: number identifying the EVS2 on HNAS},

Gets information on each NFS export.

Returns:a list of the exports configured on HNAS
get_export_path(export, fs_label)

Gets the path of an export on HNAS

  • export – the export’s name
  • fs_label – the filesystem name

string of the export’s path


Gets the information of a given FS.

Parameters:fs_label – Label of the filesystem
Returns:dictionary with FS information
    'id': a Logical Unit ID,
    'label': a Logical Unit name,
    'evs_id': the ID of the EVS in which the filesystem is created
    (not present if there is a single EVS),
    'total_size': the total size of the FS (in GB),
    'used_size': the size that is already used (in GB),
    'available_size': the free space (in GB)

Gets version information from the storage unit.

Returns:dictionary with HNAS information
    'mac': HNAS MAC ID,
    'model': HNAS model,
    'version': the software version,
    'hardware': the hardware version,
    'serial': HNAS serial number
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