The Module

The Module

Shared code for HNAS drivers

get_pool(config, volume)

Get the pool of a volume.

  • config – dictionary containing the configuration parameters
  • volume – dictionary volume reference

the pool related to the volume


Reads cinder.conf

Gets the driver specific information set on cinder.conf configuration file.

  • config_opts – Configuration object that contains the information needed by HNAS driver
  • dv_type – The type of the driver (NFS or iSCSI)

Dictionary with the driver configuration

read_xml_config(xml_config_file, svc_params, optional_params)

Read Hitachi driver specific xml config file.

  • xml_config_file – string filename containing XML configuration
  • svc_params – parameters to configure the services
['volume_type', 'hdp']
Parameters:optional_params – parameters to configure that are not mandatory
['ssc_cmd', 'cluster_admin_ip0', 'chap_enabled']
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