The Module

The Module

HORCM interface module for Hitachi VSP Driver.

class VSPHORCM(conf, storage_protocol, db)


HORCM interface class for Hitachi VSP Driver.


Check parameter values and consistency among them.


Return True if the specified LDEV is V-VOL, False otherwise.


Initialize lock resource names.


Prepare for using the storage.

copy_on_storage(pvol, size, metadata, sync)

Check if the LDEV can be copied on the storage.

create_ldev(size, is_vvol=False)

Create an LDEV of the specified size and the specified type.

create_ldev_on_storage(ldev, size, is_vvol)

Create an LDEV on the storage system.

create_pair_on_storage(pvol, svol, is_thin)

Create a copy pair on the storage.


Delete the specified LDEV from the storage.

delete_pair(ldev, all_split=True)

Delete the specified LDEV in a synchronized section.

delete_pair_based_on_pvol(pair_info, all_split)

Disconnect all volume pairs to which the specified P-VOL belongs.

delete_pair_based_on_svol(pvol, svol_info)

Disconnect all volume pairs to which the specified S-VOL belongs.

delete_pair_from_storage(pvol, svol, is_thin)

Disconnect the volume pair that consists of the specified LDEVs.

delete_target_from_storage(port, gid)

Delete the host group or the iSCSI target from the port.


Return the volume’s no-data pages to the storage pool.

extend_ldev(ldev, old_size, new_size)

Extend the specified LDEV to the specified new size.

find_all_mapped_targets_from_storage(targets, ldev)

Add all port-gids connected with the LDEV to the list.

find_mapped_targets_from_storage(targets, ldev, target_ports)

Update port-gid list for the specified LDEV.

get_ldev_info(keys, *args, **kwargs)

Return a dictionary of LDEV-related items.

get_ldev_size_in_gigabyte(ldev, existing_ref)

Return the size[GB] of the specified LDEV.


Return info of the volume pair.


Return the pool number of vsp_pool.


Return the total and free capacity of the storage pool.


Return a tuple of the storage CLI name and its version.

get_unmap_targets_list(target_list, mapped_list)

Return a list of IDs of ports that need to be disconnected.


Find an unused LDEV and return its LDEV number.


Initialize server-storage connection.

map_ldev(targets, ldev)

Create the path between the server and the LDEV and return LUN.


Output configuration parameter values to the log file.

run_raidcom(*args, **kwargs)

Run a raidcom command and return its output.

run_storage_cli(*cmd, **kwargs)

Run a CCI command and return its output.

unmap_ldev(targets, ldev)

Delete the LUN between the specified LDEV and port-gid.

wait_full_copy_completion(pvol, svol)

Wait until the Shadow Image volume copy has finished.

wait_thin_copy(ldev, status, **kwargs)

Wait until the S-VOL status changes to the specified status.

find_value(stdout, key)

Return the first match from the given raidcom command output.


Synchronize CCI operations per CCI instance.

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