The Module

The Module

HORCM interface iSCSI module for Hitachi VSP Driver.

class VSPHORCMISCSI(conf, storage_protocol, db)


HORCM interface iscsi class for Hitachi VSP Driver.


Prepare for using the storage.

create_target_to_storage(port, connector, hba_ids)

Create an iSCSI target on the specified port.

find_targets_from_storage(targets, connector, target_ports)

Find mapped ports, memorize them and return unmapped port count.

get_properties_iscsi(targets, multipath)

Check if specified iSCSI targets exist and store their IQNs.

set_hba_ids(port, gid, hba_ids)

Connect the specified HBA with the specified port.

set_target_mode(port, gid)

Configure the iSCSI target to meet the environment.

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