The Module

The Module

Volume driver for IBM FlashSystem storage systems with FC protocol.

Limitations: 1. Cinder driver only works when open_access_enabled=off.

class FlashSystemFCDriver(*args, **kwargs)


IBM FlashSystem FC volume driver.

Version history:

1.0.0 - Initial driver
1.0.1 - Code clean up
1.0.2 - Add lock into vdisk map/unmap, connection
1.0.3 - Initial driver for iSCSI
1.0.4 - Split Flashsystem driver into common and FC
1.0.5 - Report capability of volume multiattach
1.0.6 - Fix bug #1469581, add I/T mapping check in
1.0.7 - Fix bug #1505477, add host name check in
        _find_host_exhaustive for FC
1.0.8 - Fix bug #1572743, multi-attach attribute
        should not be hardcoded, only in iSCSI
1.0.9 - Fix bug #1570574, Cleanup host resource
        leaking, changes only in iSCSI
1.0.10 - Fix bug #1585085, add host name check in
         _find_host_exhaustive for iSCSI
1.0.11 - Update driver to use ABC metaclasses
1.0.12 - Update driver to support Manage/Unmanage
         existing volume
VERSION = '1.0.12'

Check that we have all configuration details from the storage.

initialize_connection(*args, **kwargs)
terminate_connection(*args, **kwargs)

Check connector.

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