The Module

The Module

class IBMStorageProxy(storage_info, logger, exception, driver=None, active_backend_id=None)

Bases: object

Base class for connecting to storage.

Abstract Proxy between the XIV/DS8K Cinder Volume and Spectrum Accelerate Storage (e.g. XIV, Spectruam Accelerate, A9000, A9000R)

check_for_export(*args, **kwargs)
copy_volume_to_image(*args, **kwargs)

Copy volume to image.

Handled by ISCSiDriver

create_cloned_volume(*args, **kwargs)

Create cloned volume.

create_export(*args, **kwargs)
create_snapshot(*args, **kwargs)

create snapshot

create_volume(*args, **kwargs)

Creates a volume.

create_volume_from_snapshot(*args, **kwargs)

create volume from snapshot.

delete_snapshot(*args, **kwargs)

delete snapshot.

delete_volume(*args, **kwargs)

Deletes a volume on the IBM Storage machine.

ensure_export(*args, **kwargs)
get_volume_stats(*args, **kwargs)

get volume stats.

initialize_connection(*args, **kwargs)

Initialize connection.

Maps the created volume to the cinder volume node, and returns the iSCSI/FC targets to be used in the instance

prefix = '[IBM XIV STORAGE]:'
remove_export(*args, **kwargs)

Remove export.

Disconnect a volume from an attached instance

retype(*args, **kwargs)

Convert the volume to be of the new type.

setup(*args, **kwargs)

Driver setup.

terminate_connection(*args, **kwargs)

Terminate connection.

validate_connection(*args, **kwargs)

Validates ibm_storage connection info.

volume_exists(*args, **kwargs)

Checks if a volume exists on xiv.

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