The Module

The Module

Volume FC driver for IBM Storwize family and SVC storage systems.

Notes: 1. If you specify both a password and a key file, this driver will use the key file only. 2. When using a key file for authentication, it is up to the user or system administrator to store the private key in a safe manner. 3. The defaults for creating volumes are “-rsize 2% -autoexpand -grainsize 256 -warning 0”. These can be changed in the configuration file or by using volume types(recommended only for advanced users).

Limitations: 1. The driver expects CLI output in English, error messages may be in a localized format. 2. Clones and creating volumes from snapshots, where the source and target are of different sizes, is not supported.

class StorwizeSVCFCDriver(*args, **kwargs)


IBM Storwize V7000 and SVC FC volume driver.

Version history:

1.0 - Initial driver
1.1 - FC support, create_cloned_volume, volume type support,
      get_volume_stats, minor bug fixes
1.2.0 - Added retype
1.2.1 - Code refactor, improved exception handling
1.2.2 - Fix bug #1274123 (races in host-related functions)
1.2.3 - Fix Fibre Channel connectivity: bug #1279758 (add delim
        to lsfabric, clear unused data from connections, ensure
        matching WWPNs by comparing lower case
1.2.4 - Fix bug #1278035 (async migration/retype)
1.2.5 - Added support for manage_existing (unmanage is inherited)
1.2.6 - Added QoS support in terms of I/O throttling rate
1.3.1 - Added support for volume replication
1.3.2 - Added support for consistency group
1.3.3 - Update driver to use ABC metaclasses
2.0 - Code refactor, split init file and placed shared methods
      for FC and iSCSI within the StorwizeSVCCommonDriver class
2.0.1 - Added support for multiple pools with model update
2.1 - Added replication V2 support to the global/metro mirror
2.1.1 - Update replication to version 2.1
2.2 - Add CG capability to generic volume groups
2.2.1 - Add vdisk mirror/stretch cluster support
2.2.2 - Add npiv support
VERSION = '2.2.2'
initialize_connection(*args, **kwargs)
terminate_connection(*args, **kwargs)

Check connector for at least one enabled FC protocol.

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