The Module

The Module

class MStorageISMCLI(properties)

Bases: object

SSH client.

addldsetld(ldset, ldname, lun=None)

Add an LD to specified LD Set.

backup_restore(volume_properties, unpairWait, canPairing=True)
changeldname(ldn, new_name, old_name=None)

Rename nickname of LD.

check_ld_existed_rplstatus(lds, ldname, snapshot, flag)
delldsetld(ldset, ldname)

Delete an LD from specified LD Set.

expand(ldn, capacity)

Expand a LD.

get_pair_lds(ldname, lds)
ldbind(name, pool, ldn, size)

Bind an LD and attach a nickname to it.

lvbind(bvname, lvname, lvnumber)

Link Volume create.

Link to snapshot volume.


Link Volume delete.

Unlink from snapshot volume.

query_BV_SV_status(bvname, svname)
query_MV_RV_diff(ldname, rpltype)
query_MV_RV_name(ldname, rpltype)
query_MV_RV_status(ldname, rpltype)
replicate(mvname, rvname, flag)
separate(mvname, rvname, flag)

Separate for backup.

set_io_limit(ldname, specs, force_delete=True)
setpair(mvname, rvname)

Set pair.

snapshot_create(bvname, svname, poolnumber)

Snapshot create.

snapshot_delete(bvname, svname)

Snapshot delete.


Unbind an LD.

unpair(mvname, rvname, flag)

Unset pair.

view_all(conf_ismview_path=None, delete_ismview=True, cmd_lock=True)
class UnpairWait(volume_properties, cli)

Bases: object

error_updates = {'status': 'error', 'progress': '100%', 'migration_status': None}
class UnpairWaitForBackup(volume_properties, cli)


class UnpairWaitForClone(volume_properties, cli)


class UnpairWaitForDDRBackup(volume_properties, cli)


class UnpairWaitForDDRRestore(volume_properties, cli)


class UnpairWaitForMigrate(volume_properties, cli)


class UnpairWaitForRestore(volume_properties, cli)


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